Miniature Golf Prices

Adult: $7.50

Child(under 12 years old): $5.50

Senior Citizen(over 60 years old): $6.50

Hours of Operation

Summer Hours for Olde Sawmill

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Grill 11am-8pm 11am-8pm 11am-8pm 11am-8pm 11am-8pm 11am-9pm 11am-9pm
Miniature Golf 11pm-9pm 11pm-9pm 11pm-9pm 11pm-9pm 11pm-9pm 11am-10pm 11am-10pm


The Grill

The grill features both indoor and outdoor seating. Both areas overlook scenic Little River and the golf course.

Take out is also available. Call 203-888-3954.


The indoor seating has booths and tables.

High chairs and booster seats are available. 







The outdoor seating features a covered patio with picnic tables.

The patio gives an view of both Little River and the golf course in its entirety.







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